Welcome to the official SD AG WETLAND EXCHANGE

This site is the approved platform for the exchange of agricultural wetland mitigation credits in South Dakota. These credits were developed by individual landowner hosts and are available for purchase by other landowners who are located in the same Geographic Service Area (GSA). Buyers of credits can offset wetland conversions and remain compliant with Food Security Act “Swampbuster” regulations.

Below is a map of the GSAs in eastern South Dakota. To find available credits, click on the GSA where your land is located and an inventory of available credits will be displayed. Click on “Learn More” to express interest or make a purchase bid; or to be contacted when credits are available in your GSA.

South Dakota Farm Bureau is the sponsor of the South Dakota Ag Wetland Mitigation Bank program through a federal grant from USDA NRCS. The attachments below provide more information about the details of the exchange process and wetland mitigation banking in South Dakota.

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