Exchange Process

The SD Ag Wetland Exchange Process

The SD Ag Wetland Mitigation Bank provides farmers with the ability to sell and buy credits to offset the loss of a wetland. Through this process, South Dakota Farm Bureau is able to connect potential buyers with available credits and work with landowners to create credits in areas where there is need.

Buying Wetland Credits

We make it simple to connect with sellers of Ag Wetland Mitigation Bank credits to purchase. Browse our credit map to see what is available in your area and work with one of our team members to understand your options.

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Selling Wetland Credits

Help your land reach its fullest potential. If you have an area of your farm that isn't producing like it should, consider enrolling in the South Dakota Ag Wetland Exchange program. Our team makes it simple to understand your options and provide new profitability options for your land through the sale of Ag Wetland Mitigation Bank credits.

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